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Stunning sailing among 22.000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

The archipelago is like made for inspirations, meetings and new wonderful experiences. Together with new challenges and adventures in a fantastic environment.  You will sail and reach over glittering water among the most beatiful islands. Onboard our top equipped, modern and beatiful sailing yachts you will have all the best possibilities to try to sail for your first time or improve your already achieved skills. And why not in combination with a business meeting, conference, kickoff or as a regatta och sailracing arrangement under fun and entertaining forms.

Sailing in Stockholm

Stockholm archipelago is a unique and stunning environment. That in combination with the activity of sailing is one of the best platforms for meetings and unforgettable experiences together with business partners and friends. We have arranged sailing events for companies and private groups from 2 – 200 guests for more than 10 years. On the following pages we hope to be able to show you what a variety of fantastic activities there is to pick and choose from, both in Sweden and abroad.

Sailing with skippers in Stockholm

Our educated and certified skippers will guide you to the most beatiful places the archipelago has to offer. All equipment one can wish for is available onboard and sailing gear (jackets/trousers) in all sizes are available for you as well as life wests on arrival. No previous experience from sailing is needed, since there will be a representative from us as skipper onboard, being responsible for the safety onboard as well as our guests conveniences. The idea and concept is to let all the guests who wants, to try everything onboard such as steering, navigation, triming etc. An exiting, memorable and fun experience in an enormously beatiful environment is waiting for you. Warmly welcome!


Segling Företag Sandhamn

Sailing in Stockholm

A sailing event that will engage all your senses.

The yachts

Segla Stockholm Båtcharter

Sailing Events

A modern-, fast sailing and well equipped charter fleet

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Segling Stockholm Båtcharter

Picture Gallery

The best catched moments.

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