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Thomas Forsberg

Thomas have been sailing he´s whole life. He has been working as a sailing instructor and navigation teacher before he started working full time as a charter skipper 2003. Through out the years more than 100.000 sea miles have been passed on the  Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea, Caribbean Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean.  Thomas is founder of Sailing Events Stockholm. He is sailing in the West indies with guests during the winter season and in the Baltic Sea during the Swedish summer. Thomas is highly appreciated for he´s experience, sailing skill and great calm onboard at all times.

Helena is our experienced project leader that always seems to be on top of everything, pulling all strings. Here we have a true sailing girl that keeps all projects, skippers and yachts organized  Helena has worked and sailed in the Westindies during several seasons apart from her regular work. Yacht deliveries from Oslo, S:t Petersburg and Visby among many places has also been part of her work. Helena is always in a good mood and are well known among our guests for her positive way, shining smile and manner, making sure all guests are enjoying their stay onboard.

Nearly 20 talented skippers and guides are yearly being engaged in our wide variety of sailing events throughout the season. We are both proud and happy to cooperate with so many skilled and wonderful people, making sure all our guests will feel comfortable and relaxed onboard.

Sailing Events Stockholm AB is having all their yachts, skippers and guests insured, We are also having an additional traveling guarantee for all guests onboard through the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. All our skippers/guides and instructors are having the updated licenses from the Swedish Maritime Administration as captains/skippers onboard each of our yachts. Corresponding “Master of Yachts 200 Ton” or similar. Everyone has worked for Sailing Events for several years and are all highly appreciated educators/sailing instructors with a passion to ensure that all guests will enjoy their stay onboard. No matter previous knowledge and experiences.

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